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How to calculate your debt ratio

In 2015, the household debt ratio in United States increased by 0.5 points over three months. And we see that this figure is becoming more and more important. Let us remember that the debt ratio is nothing other than the percentage used to assess the borrowing capacity. It is generally calculated by taking the difference between the income […]

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How does the dailly assignment work?

The Dailly cession is a short-term financing method similar to factoring and bank discount. Launched in 1981, it shares the same objective as its two counterparts: to enable companies to quickly finance their trade receivables. However, the Dailly sale has several specificities that make it a very special technique. […]

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Is it the right time for a mortgage?

Bad luck is good we could say when we take stock of the effect of the economic crisis on mortgage rates for individuals, so low they are allowing households to become homeowners or invest in rental, with cheaper financing than 5 years ago. The average mortgage interest rate […]

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Optimize your borrower profile

Whether or not your credit application is granted: everything will depend on your borrower profile. It's kind of the pros and cons that make you a good customer, reliable and creditworthy, or not. So, if you absolutely want to have a loan for the realization of a project, it is essential to take care […]

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The mixed rate of the mortgage

Little known and yet very effective in the context of a real estate investment in the short or medium term, the mixed (or hybrid) rate includes a fixed part, followed by a variable part. How does a mixed rate work? You start by repaying your mortgage by following a fixed interest rate, which happens to be lower than the market average, […]

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Revolving credit in detail

Revolving credit, also called permanent or revolving credit, is a sum of money made available for a renewable year, usable in whole or in part, without proof. The capital is reconstituted as and when the monthly payments are repaid. How revolving credit works Each month, the borrower receives a statement of his situation and the amount owed. AT […]

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How to negotiate a mortgage?

Everyone knows that banks don't take risks, at least with the money they lend you. What we too often forget is that mortgage loans are a very important source of income for these financial institutions, your agency wants to lend money because the interest you will pay it every month is [ …]

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What is an affected credit

Do you want to sign a credit agreement to finance your projects? At your bank, you are offered different kinds of credit, including affected and unaffected credit. The problem is that you cannot tell the difference between these two concepts. Find out how to do it now thanks to our guide, […]

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Home loan: where and how to find the lowest rates?

It is confirmed today that credit rates differ from region to region. Therefore, do not hesitate to hire a broker to find the most interesting proposition. Are mortgage rates not the same from one region to another? Mortgage rates have recently experienced […]

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