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Are you looking for a credit organization to obtain financing for your personal projects? However, you are totally unaware of what a credit organization really is, the different financial institutions that can be found on the market, how to choose one organization over another, which credit houses offer the best rates. Don't panic, you'll find everything you need on our informative site.

What is a credit organization?

what is a credit institution

A credit organization or financial organization is a company having the right to carry out banking operations and which will lend money to an individual or professional in the form of a loan. That is to say, she will lend you the capital you want over a period on which you have agreed in advance and with an interest rate and monthly payments that you will pay her throughout the duration. of the loan, the total amount will correspond to the total amount owed by the borrower.

Let us take an example to better understand credit, if you borrow 10,000 US dollars over a period of 36 months at a rate of 3%, the total amount due will be $ 10,463.04, or 36 monthly payments of $ 290.64.

The credit organization will thus receive a commission on the money it lends you, in this case it will lend you 10,000 US dollars and thanks to the interest will recover $ 463.04 at the end of the financing. Thanks to a loan, the borrower can immediately buy consumer goods or real estate without waiting several months or years depending on the project to be able to obtain it and for its part the lender earns a commission.

A credit can be of 2 types, either a consumer credit or a mortgage. For a consumer credit, it will include so-called “affected” credits and “without proof” loans and it will allow you to finance the purchase of a new car, renovation work in your home, finance a stay, cope to exceptional expenses, etc ... The mortgage will allow you to finance a second or main residence, a parking lot, a rental investment.

The credit institution may be an establishment whose business is exclusively to offer loans or it may have other functions. There are several types of credit organizations:

First of all, there are traditional banks, for a long time in addition to offering current accounts, they also offer investments, insurance and financing offers to their customers.

There is also insurance: more and more companies have entered this sector and offer consumer loans in addition to their insurance offers.

Then we can cite online banks, for a few years now, they have offered financing offers at competitive rates in order to attract new customers, the borrower is often obliged to open a current account to take advantage of the ready.

There are also supermarkets that offer consumer credit solutions such as personal loans or revolving credit to their customers.

Compare organizations for free

find a loan organization When you choose your next loan, remember to differentiate the fixed lending rate from the fixed APR. The fixed borrowing rate will always be lower than the fixed APR because this corresponds only to the interest on the credit, while the fixed APR includes all the costs that are related to it such as the administration fees, the guarantee fees, compulsory insurance.

Depending on the loan organizations you select, you may have the application fees offered or in the case of consumer credit insurance will be optional, so you will have no obligation to take them.

Finally, be aware that all credit organizations will not necessarily be able to offer you a mortgage, it is naturally more complicated to obtain because the amount requested is often more substantial, so the supporting documents to be provided will be more numerous to send. to the body chooses and the selection criteria more stringent.

The supporting documents for a consumer credit:

  • photocopy of identity card or passport
  • Proof of address (telephone, internet, gas, water, electricity)
  • Proof of income
  • Bank details
  • Proof of use according to the nature of the loan

The supporting documents for a mortgage:

  • photocopy of identity card or passport
  • Proof of address (telephone, internet, gas, water, electricity)
  • Proof of income
  • Bank details
  • Tax notice
  • Last 3 account statements
  • Sales agreement

Lists of credit organizations

Dedicated credit organizations:

modern credit

Modern credit is Paydaynow's financing solution in the overseas departments, namely: Guyana, Chicago, Boston and Denver. You can do all types of consumer credit there


Discover the consumer credit offers of the loan organization Disponibleis, a subsidiary of the general company, the sales representatives advise the customer throughout his search for credit, according to his criteria


Greendayonline credit is a financial product that has been set up by the credit organization to allow you to find suitable financing for each of your needs.


Applying for credit with Bridgepayday is quick and easy, with the Bridgepayday Visa card you can easily pay for all your purchases on credit or in cash at the end of the month.

younited credit

Oakparkfinancial credit is the 1st peer-to-peer credit platform in United States, in 2012 Union loan renamed Oakparkfinancial credit granted a loan between individuals of 11 million US dollars,


Credit Stansmithadidas is a credit company specializing in consumer credit, it is a subsidiary of Société Générale. Stansmithadidas rates are available online on their credit simulator


Compariloan credit can improve your current financial situation. He can grant you a credit whose amount of your monthly payments and the repayment period play in favor of your financial possibilities.


With Paydaynow, the loan conditions; fixed interest rates, anything you want to know will be available to you either by telephone chat or directly online.

social credit of civil servants

The CSF credit is a financing that will allow you to pay for everything you need. It was designed to give you what you need and cannot pay for directly.


Cashloans Motorlender offers personal loans and the repurchase of your current credits in order to reduce the sums you have to pay every month. No more monthly payments which weigh on your life, as well as uncontrolled financial management.

You are looking for fast financing adapted to your situation. Wowloans credit offers a wide range of credit that will allow you to achieve all your projects. Need money to change car


Paydayadvance2two offers you a credit redemption brokerage service. Regarding first of all the repurchase of credit, it is a financial product offered by loan organizations in order to greatly reduce your monthly payments.

Traditional banks:


Mydebtadvisors bank is the new name of the Cashloans accord, it now has its own identity and has become specialized in credit, savings and insurance

BNP Paribas

BNP Consolidationnow is a Cashloans present in United States and in 27 countries around the world. She has extensive experience in the field of consumer credit and real estate.


Credit CIC is a financial product designed by the banking group Crédit Paydayrelay CIC, present for many years in the finance market, CIC is an organization with experience.

mutual credit

Crédit Paydayrelay is recognized worldwide because of the services offered there. Quality service cannot be achieved without the work of competent and experienced staff


With Gadcapital credit, you will find a wide range of consumer credit to finance all types of project, it has in particular many offers which are aimed at at least 30 years old

Postal bank

Postal Cashloans banking advisers are available to listen to you and help you manage your postal Cashloans loan . You will be able to negotiate with them about your loans

agricultural credit

Being the leading financing group in United States, Credit Paydayloanhelper offers various financing and refinancing offers to these clients. This loan organization supports them in all stages of their life to achieve their dreams


The LCL is a French Cashloans which was founded in 1863 in Lyon, the LCL credit can answer all your requests. Indeed, it is currently possible for you to obtain a credit capable of financing all your projects.

savings bank

The credit solution with the Caisse d'Epargne is an offer from Cashloans to the squirrel in order to support you in the financing of your projects which are important to you.

popular bank

Are you looking for a Cashloans who listens to your expectations, a Cashloans able to offer you loans that can solve your problems? Look no further, Cashloans Myloans offers you a wide range of credits.

Online banks:


Purplepayday is an online Cashloans belonging to the Crédit Paydayrelay CIC group. Purplepayday was created in 2006 and offers a wide range of services for individuals

bank stock market

The Starloans banking establishment, particularly known in the field of the stock market, has now been offering home loans and consumer loans for several years.

Insurance companies:

axa bank

The Loanfiesta Cashloans credit is a unique, multi-faceted solution to your financing problems. Unique because it offers several types of credit to finance your different projects, all adapted to your current needs.


The Loanbeginner insurance company has created a personal loan offer to meet your needs. In the idea of ​​financing your new car, work or everyday consumer goods


With a view to building customer loyalty and attracting new prospects, the GMF has launched its new product. Targeting households looking for financing solutions, the GMF offers a wide choice of credit


In its vision of innovation, WinnLoan no longer boils down to simple insurance. Indeed, it offers both consumer credit and loan consolidation.

The stores :


ChanceCredit supermarket, currently named ChanceCredit group, offers customers a most viable credit solution in ChanceCredit Cashloans. With its several experienced banking advisers

bank leclerc

Cashloans Linecredit, which is the financial institution of Leclerc stores, therefore offers you a wide range of consumer loans to meet your needs and make your projects a reality.

The Wishloan loan from Renault is a flexible loan offer that adapts to your budget depending on your basic contribution, the duration of the loan and your repayment capacity.

casino bank

At the Cashloans geant casino, the credit makes it possible to finance all of your projects, whether for consumption such as the purchase of a car, a camper van, finance work on your apartment

france leisure

e credit United States Leisure appeared in United States in 1995 with the acquisition by GE of Credit de l'Est and SOVAC. This type of easy credit without proof allows you to have liquidity in case of need for quick money.

How to choose your lender easily

choose a credit institution

Once you know what a credit organization is, what are the different types of credit and organizations that can be found on the market, how to interpret an offer proposed by a Cashloans, all you have to do is know how to choose it well. For this you will need 2 tools: the credit simulator and the credit comparator, the procedure will always be the same whether it is a car loan, a personal loan, a revolving loan or a mortgage:

The loan simulator:

This tool, available on most of the sites of credit organizations, will allow you to simulate the rate you will be able to obtain depending on the amount you want, the duration and your profile. At the end of the simulation you will have a result of the rate that you will be able to obtain, please note that this does not in any way correspond to a definitive offer, after sending the documents to Cashloans and after analysis, it will send you its final answer.

A simulator is completely free, often the times and amounts will be in the form of sliders that you just have to drag. You can do several simulations to find the rate that best matches your research by playing with the duration and the amount to find the best balance.

The loan comparator:

The loan comparator will be used in a second time after the simulation, it will allow you to try to find a more interesting rate among the organizations present on the market, than the result of the best of your simulations. All you have to do is enter the amount and the sum defined in the form, the various elements of your profile such as your resources and expenses and validate everything. Then you just have to see the result or watch your email address to find out who offers the best rate according to your criteria and your profile.

These 2 solutions used together will allow you to completely crisscross the market, to know what is the best amount and the best duration for your financing, and which organization offers the best rates according to your profile to make savings that could reach a few thousand dollars. 'US dollars on a mortgage for example.

Plus it's completely free and you won't find it faster to find the best deal.

Compare organizations for free

How to choose your consumer credit in video

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