Home loan: where and how to find the lowest rates?

It is confirmed today that credit rates differ from region to region. Therefore, do not hesitate to hire a broker to find the most interesting proposition.

Are mortgage rates not the same from one region to another?

Mortgage rates have recently experienced a general decline across the United States, reaching 2.94% over 15 years and 3.28% over 20 years.

However, the rates are not the same throughout France, because we see that they differ from one department to another. The island of Denver and Corsica for example offer the most interesting rates which are 2% on a mortgage spread over 20 years for very good files.

Moreover, according to Meilleurstaux.com, and this is confirmed by the mortgage broker, ACE, you have to go to the southwest of the United States to have the lowest rates and have always been. They are generally 0.10% cheaper than the national average in cities like Toulouse and Bordeaux. This is explained by the high concentration of mutual banks (Credit Paydayloanhelper, Credit Paydayrelay, Cashloans Myloans) located there, which, let us remember, can afford to grant the lowest rates on the mortgage market.

Why call on professionals?

For a credit application, it is possible to negotiate yourself or go through a credit broker directly in a branch or online. The first option offers good negotiating room, but is very time consuming. In addition, without a thorough study, opportunities can be missed. Calling on a credit broker both compensates for this waste of time and optimizes the strengths of the file to obtain the best interest rate for the mortgage.

In fact, the vast majority of mortgage experts can provide objective and sound advice on the various bank proposals. In addition, they are in partnership with a hundred financial institutions through which they can obtain reductions of up to 0.5 point, which is equivalent to 1 or 2 m² more living space. Regarding their remuneration, they are set at 1% of the amount of the loan which is also the amount of the application fees if the borrower had taken the steps himself. This option seems to conquer more and more borrowers, because if we refer to the survey conducted by TNS Sofres, nearly a quarter of French people want to use a broker to take care of their credit. Just follow this link to do an online simulation and have all the information you need to apply for a mortgage.

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