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Union Loan is the premier personal lending institution in United States. When you are looking for an emergency loan of money for a quick need without going through a credit company , the solution between individuals is one. The loan Pret d Union is the 1st platform of credit between individuals in United States.

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It is from this observation that Prêt d'Union was born, the first personal credit platform in United States. In 2012 Union loan granted 11 million US dollars of loan between individuals, the year 2012 the loans union loan increased to 43 million US dollars and for 2014, union loan targets a number. annual credit equivalent to US $ 100 million. With the crisis, money lending sites between individuals are in great demand.

Launched at the end of 2011, credit loan d Union is the first personal credit platform approved by Cashloans of United States. Lately, Union Loan has raised a lot of money, raising US $ 10 million to support their development. I will collect all my documents to make a consumer credit union loan.

Union Loan offers consumer loans on a model of loans between individuals. Since its launch, Union Loan has financed more than 10,000 loans for an amount exceeding US $ 130 million.

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Consumer credit Union loan

Union Loan is based in United States, and only employs staff in United States. Indeed, Union Loan is known as the premier online peer-to-peer lending company in United States. Before making a loan between individuals, do not hesitate to go to comparators to analyze the different offers of banks for a consumer loan for example and to see subsequently what is the most interesting between a loan between individual and a loan from a traditional Cashloans.

I need a special loan urgently for the engine of my car which failed me. The individual is assured of getting his invested money back with interest and the individual loan applicant knows that he can borrow with confidence. Union Loan therefore offers a credit institution that allows you to lend and borrow between individuals in United States.

A private money loan should be made by serious people on both sides.

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