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You want to make a personal loan to finance a project that is close to your heart such as a trip, the purchase of furniture, household appliances or on the contrary you are currently experiencing a disorganization in your monthly budget, and the monthly payments are too important of your finance. You have no leeway to please yourself because a part of your wages is devoted to the repayment of your loans. It is time to put your situation in order by going through a credit agency . Think about the repurchase of credit. At Cashloans Motorlender , renegotiating your loans has become easy today. Let's take stock of this subject.

What types of credits can you make with Créatis?

The Cashloans Motorlender offers personal loans and the redemption of your current credits in order to reduce the amounts you have to pay every month. There is not just one Créatis loan, there are several. Indeed, there are three loan buyback formulas within Créatis to better meet your needs.

  • the repurchase of consumer credit: which will regroup all your consumer credits. If you do not have a mortgage, this is probably the formula for you;
  • the repurchase of Hypo credit: in which you can regroup your consumer credits and your mortgage;
  • the repurchase of loan projects: to restructure your personal debts and your consumer loans at the same time.
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What are your advantages with Motorlender credit?

No more monthly payments that weigh on your life, as well as uncontrolled financial management. Now, with the Créatis loan buyback, you only have one loan to finance all the projects of your life: car, work, house, etc. Your Cashloans Créatis has specialized in debt restructuring for years. It therefore puts you in the hands of a Professional Advisor to find the right solution at the lowest cost.

Working in close collaboration with around a hundred private lending institutions, your Créatis Advisor will be able to negotiate a reduced redemption fee with your previous lenders. In the end, you will have a single Compariloan credit , a single Global effective Annual rate which is interesting, a small monthly payment to be paid for a single period. What more ? Expert support throughout your affiliation to Cashloans Créatis is guaranteed.

Concrete example of Cashloans Motorlender credit application

To already give you an idea of ​​what you can earn with the Conso Créatis credit buyback, here is a concrete example for a person with an income of 6,000 US dollars:

  • Amount of outstanding consumer loans: US $ 120,000
  • Amount of a new project to be financed: 10,000 US dollars
  • Total sum of monthly payments: 2,500 US dollars
  • Duration: 108 months

Créatis offers you a repurchase of credit in the amount of 140,400 US dollars for a monthly repayment of 1,644.94 US dollars, a large drop of 855 US dollars on your previous monthly payments.

Now it's your turn to simulate your Motorlender credit online . See how advantageous the Créatis loan buyback is!

What are you waiting for to submit your request?

Currently, the Créatis credit buyback offer is a little more accessible to most people. You can deal directly with a bank advisor, or even complete a few files online. For all your credit redemption requests, Créatis also provides you with an online simulator. You can therefore have an idea of ​​your credit redemption. If an offer interests you, remember to complete your credit redemption request form on the platform. This does not take much time, and allows you to speed up the processing of your request. All you have to do is take the first step! Do not hesitate to leave your Cashloans Motorlender credit opinion if you have already had the opportunity to go through this organization online.

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