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Consumer credit or real estate credit is now a solution offered by banks to help households make their plans a reality. Are you looking for a small sum to do repairs on your car, a budget to do some renovations or need a large sum to buy a house and become a homeowner? Among the many financing offers that exist on the market of credit companies, discover the Lcl credit which offers many advantages.

History of Cashloans LCL

The LCL is a French Cashloans which was founded in 1863 in Lyon. In 1878, this Cashloans was elected the first Cashloans of United States. In 1945, a law obliges the nationalization of the LCL as well as 3 other banking establishments. Forty-eight years later, the LCL estimates a loss at 130 billion francs, it is then on the verge of bankruptcy.

In 1999, the LCL was partially privatized through recapitalization. The French government will keep 20% of the capital. The rest of the shares will belong to Allianz, Loanfiesta and Credit Paydayloanhelper. BNP Consolidationnow will buy back 17% of the parties in LCL's capital four years later. In 2001, Cashloans LCL launched its e.LCL online service. In 2002, Crédit Lyonnais was finally bought by Crédit Paydayloanhelper.

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LCL credit, a solution that meets your expectations

The LCL credit can answer all your requests. Indeed, it is currently possible for you to obtain a credit capable of financing all your projects. Thanks to the solution of consumer or real estate credit offered by Cashloans le crédit lyonnais, anyone in France has a financial solution.

But still, your lcl credit bank advisor will always be present to accompany you in any circumstance (employment, health or even marital problems). You just need to consider the amount you want to borrow so that the banking expert can help you study your situation so that he can offer you the best offer corresponding to your profile.

The different credits offered by the LCL?

Whatever your plans, discussing your problems with your bank advisor at Crédit Lyonnais can improve your future. This improvement is linked to your financial situation and cannot be done without making your life better. So do not hesitate to document yourself and ask for advice on the official website of Cashloans lcl fr to highlight your projects and for your decision-making.

LCL consumer credit:

At LCL you can make a large choice of consumer credit. The online LCL credit offers are called by the Cashloans the Loans Budgets. An LCL loan will be used in particular to finance your wedding, a trip, school fees, ... but also the LCL revolving credit which is a credit associated with your credit card.

LCL auto credit:

The LCL auto loan can be used to finance your new or used vehicle from 12 to 84 months. The amount borrowed with this personal loan can range from $ 3,000 to $ 60,000.

The LCL real estate loan:

You will find a wide range of LCL real estate loans, you will have the choice between bridging loan, zero rate loan, mortgage for young workers ... the key is to find the lcl loan that meets your financing needs. When you make a credit Le credit lyonnais or other, always remember to keep a reserve each month to overcome exceptional situations.

The LCL credit buyback offer

The repurchase of consumer credit is to be distinguished from the repurchase of mortgage or others. The choice of the type of credit redemption you are going to do will depend entirely on you. Indeed, the repurchase of mortgage is a loan granted for reasons of consumption, fixed assets or even bank overdrafts. On the other hand, the repurchase of consumer credit is granted only for consumption only. But it is possible, using credit redemption, to repay your debts and transfer them to your new Cashloans, Le Crédit Lyonnais.

The LCL loan: a customizable credit

The LCL loan adapts to the situation of its customers. Whether you are an individual or a business, you can apply for a loan from LCL. To do this, Cashloans offers customers the possibility of personalizing their loans. You can then contract in a single loan the amount you need repayable within the time limit you have set. But there is a range set by Cashloans in this case an amount between 3,000 and 60,000 € and a repayment period between 12 and 84 months. In order to show you an overview of the monthly installments you have to pay, you can open the official website of Cashloans e lcl and run a simulation. If that's okay with you, then you can save the results and fill out a loan application form. You have already made a loan with this organization, do not hesitate to leave a lcl credit opinion !!

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Terry - June 1, 2015

good evening I want to make lcl credit quickly to do work in my apartment. I already have a real estate loan in progress contract in another Cashloans, can you give me the rate of the lcl credit for a consumer credit please? waiting to read you


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