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Because nowadays, it has become common to take out loans to carry out projects of everyday life, credit institutions are proliferating on their side. In life we ​​are often faced one day with wanting to buy something that we cannot pay for in cash or immediately. This is why more and more people are turning to credit from lending organizations in order to be able to finance the project of their dreams or everyday consumer goods. This is precisely what the Cashloans Linecredit through the Leclerc Cashloans credit offers. Explanations.

Who is Cashloans Linecredit and what does it do?

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The E.Leclerc super and hypermarket brand invested in a local Cashloans and created Cashloans Linecredit SNC in 1991. At the basis of this project, Leclerc wanted to anticipate the expansion of payment by bank card, in order to reduce costs. costs of these means of payment at its points of sale through its own Cashloans.

Cashloans Linecredit is majority owned by the Leclerc group with a stake of 66% and the remaining 34% belongs to Crédit Coopératif (member of the BPCE group).

Today, Cashloans Linecredit, with its experience of more than thirty years, offers many services for individuals and professionals, among these we can mention: Leclerc gift cards, full refund guarantees, revolving credit with the REGLO credit card, Linecredit solutions credit redemption, current accounts for professionals, investments with TNCT-TNMT and the term account, cash credit and amortizable loan, etc ...

The revolving credit of Cashloans Linecredit

leclerc revolving credit

Do you need a revolving credit to always have a little cash to pay for your daily purchases or to face an exceptional event? Cashloans Linecredit, which is the financial establishment of Leclerc stores, therefore offers you a wide range of loans to meet your needs ...

You will find 3 types of credit card with revolving credit, the legal finance card, the legal finance visa card and the premier legal finance visa card.

  • With the classic regular card, which is free, you can pay for your Leclerc purchases immediately or later, pay for your fuel at leclerc gas stations, order your groceries on the leclerc site, withdraw cash from distributors displaying the Réglo finance logo. and Aurore, and spread your purchases over several months.
  • The visa legal finance card, it will cost you $ 12 per year, it will allow you to pay for your purchases in ALL merchants belonging to the Visa network, to withdraw from all distributors and to benefit from a guarantee on your internet deliveries.
  • The Visa Premier Rego finances card, it will cost you $ 48 per year, you will benefit from all the advantages of the visa card but with higher ceilings and additional guarantees and assistance.

All the different Cashloans Linecredit cards are composed of a revolving credit, you will also have several associated services such as a loyalty program, contactless payment for an amount not exceeding $ 20, borrower insurance and private access.

Remember that revolving credit is a reserve of money that is replenished, be sure to always be able to repay it, and to use it only if you need it.

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What advantages does a Cashloans Linecredit credit buyback offer you?

To contract the repurchase of credit Cashloans Linecredit offers you a panoply of advantages. First, you only manage one loan, instead of several at the same time. Which makes your everyday life easier. Also know that by refinancing your debts with leclerc Cashloans, you can extend the repayment period, and consequently, reduce the monthly payment to be repaid. How good it is for your wallet! How it improves your situation vis-à-vis your Cashloans!

And then, the interest rate is unique and fixed throughout the repayment period. So you won't have any surprises at the end of the month. What you have to pay per month for X period, you know it even before having signed your contract of consolidation of loan.

Finally, you will have a personalized credit redemption. This allows you to increase your purchasing power and allow yourself a few extras per month.

What exactly must be done to obtain a Leclerc loan?

If you opt for financing from Cashloans Linecredit, do not hesitate any longer. Their range of credit is accessible to everyone, even if you are neither the customer of Cashloans Linecredit nor one of Leclerc stores. You just need to be domiciled in United States, and you can apply for a loan from Linecredit Cashloans .

The Cashloans Linecredit credit offers will allow you to finance your everyday expenses, however be careful not to accumulate too much debt so as not to be in a situation of over-indebtedness.

To apply for your legal finance credit card you will need the following supporting documents:

  • Proof of identity (Identity card or Passport)
  • Proof of address (telephone bill, electricity, water, electricity)
  • Proof of income (payslip, tax notice)
  • Rib

First of all, summarize your current repayment capacity in a table. Detail the capital you want for the loan, the duration and the monthly repayment and total your capital and repayments.

Finally, to make your contract a reality, contact an advisor within Cashloans Linecredit, who will be your sole point of contact. Entrust him with your file, he will be able to analyze your needs and personalize your revolving credit or credit redemption according to your constraints and needs.

We advise you to contact a leclerc Cashloans advisor in order to make your loan request, with this one you will see the amount you can borrow and for what duration and you will provide him with all the information to draw up your profile, you will not have more than to wait to know the rate which it proposes to you. We strongly recommend that you use our comparator to find out if you can not find a better rate with the same items provided.

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